Tracing Tambo Colorado

tamboWe are working with architecture professor Jean-Pierre Protzen to publish a decade of photographs, illustrations, site plans, and field notes documenting the design and construction of an Inca administrative center located in present-day Peru. The project will make use of the Omeka collection management system and our newly crafted OKAPI theme package. Lizzy, Huey and Gabriel will be organizing his research archive into four themed collections and implementing a Google maps mashup to assist with geospatial navigation.

Jean-Pierre Protzen, Professor of Graduate School of Environmental Design (Architecture)
Noah Wittman, Advisor
Elizabeth Ha, Project Manager
Kristin “Chach” Sikes, Omeka Customization
Huey Ying Hsu, Graduate Student, School of Environmental Design
Gabriel Arboleda, Graduate Student, School of Environmental Design
David Chang, Digital Media Specialist
Jasmine Decosta, Digital Media Special

Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology
Archaeological Research Facility



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