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omeka_theme_collectionsOpen Knowledge and the Public Interest (OKAPI) has developed a theme package for Omeka, a web-based platform for publishing museum exhibits and collections developed by the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University. The Okapi theme package enables Omeka users without expert web design skills to create polished multimedia exhibits and collections. The home page features a cinematic 980×500 pixel main image and up to four featured exhibits.  Exhibit pages include new layouts for articles, themed collections and embedded multimedia.  The bundled Multimedia Links plugin enables embedding of html code, flash video (flv), and many other formats supported by the included JWplayer. The theme displays accessible Flash-based typography and is W3C CSS and XHTML compliant. The Okapi theme package (Okapi theme, Multimedia Links plugin and exhibit layouts) were developed by independent developer Kristin “Chach” Sikes in collaboration with Open Knowledge and the Public Interest. The Okapi theme package is available for download from the Omeka Website and is released under a General Public License (GPL).

omeka_theme_homeThe OKAPI theme builds upon user studies and lessons learned developing exhibits and digital collections for UC Berkeley Scholar’s Box project. We anticipate using the OKAPI template for a variety of OKAPI projects (at least three planned already). We also anticipate helping others at UC Berkeley exhibit their work using the Omeka platform. The OKAPI theme will be made freely available for others to download and use from the Omeka website. This project was funded by the U.S. Department of Education Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education.

omeka_theme_multimediaProject Director, Noah Wittman, OKAPI
Theme Developer: Chacha Sykes
Media Production Manager: Lizzy Ha, OKAPI
Omeka Advisor, Technical Support: Tom Scheinfeldt, Dave Lester, Center for History and New Media

Okapi Theme Release Announcements:

Omeka Theme Package Download:

Demonstration Site:

Sites using our Theme Package: (now a Drupal site)


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