Okapi Studio

OKAPI Studio, located at 2224 Piedmont Avenue, provides a computer laboratory, digitization facilities, and meeting spaces for teaching, learning, and public outreach. Here, faculty, students, and staff join K–12 educators, artists-in-residence, and volunteers in building resources and tools for open education. Our work builds upon the latest research and technologies — many developed right here on campus — and encourages playful tinkering and inquiry-based teaching and learning. We are currently exploring the potential of social networking, webcasting, and virtual environments for public outreach and education. Last fall, the OKAPI team worked with a dozen graduate and undergraduate students to mount a public archaeology program in the 3D virtual world of Second Life. The all-day program included live music, a film festival, games, lectures, and guided tours of a virtual Neolithic settlement. Several hundred visitors participated from around the world.


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