Expedition to Nineveh

nineveh_iconThis project is funded through a grant from the National Endowment of the Humanities Recovering Iraq’s Past award. The aim of this project is to create a digital database consisting of the field documentation generated by the UC Berkeley Expedition during three seasons of archaeological investigation in Nineveh, Iraq, between 1987 and 1990. These records include a comprehensive program of excavation, archaeological survey, and topographic mapping. The available records will be digitized and geographically coordinated within a three-dimensional matrix. The data will be presented on an open-access website intended for excavators and others engaged in archaeological, museum or conservation work relating to the site, as well as for the general public. This project boasts a diverse team from several different institutions and departments working together to document Iraq’s cultural heritage.

Current Focus: The project is currently focused on digitizing and annotating all the images from UC Berkeley’s excavations at the site of Nineveh, Iraq. By the end of the semester we aim to have a complete, searchable digital catalog of the visual information collected during the Berkeley’s time at Nineveh.

View announcements relating to NEH: Recovering Iraq’s Heritage.


  • David Stronach, Principle Investigator, UC Berkeley
  • Eleanor Barbanes Wilkinson, Co-Principle Investigator, Durham University
  • Steve Lumsden, Consultant, Director Nineveh Lower Town Project
  • Michael Ashley, Project Director
  • Elizabeth Lee, Project Manager
  • Noah Wittman, Communications
  • Sherry Macgregor, Research and Database
  • Eric Kansa, Executive Director, Alexandria Archive Institute
  • Sarah Whitcher Kansa, Assistant Director/CFO, Alexandria Archive Institute
  • Diana Pickworth, Research and Database
  • Tony Wilkinson, Senior Advisor, Durham University



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