Media Vault Program

About the Media Vault Program and Proof of Concept Project


The U.C. Berkeley Media Vault Proof of Concept project applies proven curatorial archiving and preservation methods (based on the OAIS and other internationally accepted models) with services available to the campus to address the needs of those who manage and want to provide access to digital media collections.

The Media Vault Proof of Concept project (MVPOC) is the first of many projects to address – at an institutional level – UC Berkeley’s short and long term needs for the management, preservation and access to its collections of digital assets. As the program progresses, additional projects will be identified and prioritized by an advisory board still being assembled.

Project Background – Objectives

A proof-of-concept (POC) project defined with the following specific objectives:

  • Establish definitions of POC success; identify key performance indicators and POC measurements.
  • Extend digital asset management facilities to selected partners to explore functional needs of departments and to explore the impact of these facilities on the digital collections in terms of accessibility, risk management of digital collections, and curation activites.
  • Use this information to craft a survey extended to collections / curators across the campus to extrapolate opportunities, risks and costs.
  • Publish findings to campus stakeholders summarizing outcomes, observations, opportunities and recommendations for digital asset stewardship.
  • Determine what functions should and could be quickly released to the campus in terms of generally available services for digital asset management; what business models (and costs) would be associated.
  • Present recommendations to CIO Waggener for executive assessment.

More info about MVP:

OKAPI/Scholar’s Box Participation in Media Vault Program
Starting in May 2007, the Scholars Box team began participating in the Media Vault Program (MVP), a proof-of-concept project that will provide UC Berkeley digital collection owners with digital asset management and archiving services. The MVP pilot is currently working with three of the FIPSE Scholars Box digital collections. MVP lead Michael Ashley, who also served as project lead and liaison for the Scholar’s Box, will ensure that the MVP approach to archiving and sharing collections incorporates models and tools from the Scholar’s Box project.

More about OKAPI participation in MVP:


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