Media Vault Program

The Media Vault Program (MVP) is an interdisciplinary, community-based program that promotes archival digital scholarly workflows, enables digital information conservation, provides self-service management of digital collections, and assures a digital environment which supports research, teaching and public service.

The primary need the MVP addresses is the lack of campus-wide resources available to address our growing reliance on digital media for research, teaching and public service.

Project Website:



Shelton Waggener, Chief Information Officer

David Greenbaum, Director Data Services

Patrick McGrath, Associate Director, Data Repository Management

Noah Wittman, Media Vault Program Manager

Ian Crew, Project Manager

Michael Ashley, Digital Conservation Architect

Susan Stone, Informatics Specialist

Glen Jackson, Museum Informatics Specialist

Brett Larsen, System Administrator

Rick Jaffe, Community Developer

Lizzy Ha, Communications

TBA, Principal Software Architect


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