mactia2The Multimedia Authoring Center for Teaching in Anthropology (MACTiA) is located on the UC Berkeley Campus at 2224 Piedmont Avenue. Visit the MACTiA Website.

The Class of 1960 Multimedia Authoring Center for Teaching in Anthropology (MACTiA) was founded in 1998 by Professors Ruth Tringham and Meg Conkey with start-up funding provided by the UCB Class of 1960 endowment. Since 1999, Michael Ashley has led the development of the MACTiA as its manager and currently executive director. The MACTiA program was awarded an Educational Initiatives Award in April 2001.  In 2006/7 we embark on an exciting phase of intensified fundraising and broadened research and teaching activities that focus on cultural heritage in a digital age.
The MACTiA is an intimate, non-threatening friendly place where students and researchers of all generations work together on projects that make a difference to the world’s cultural heritage through the medium of small and large courses, collaborative research projects, and interest groups. The MACTiA welcomes students and collaborators from across the campus and beyond. Feel free to contact us.

Current Focus:

Our current focus is to continue maintaining and upgrading the learning facility, continue the development of the visualization lab through the CyArk Internship, and opening the digital processing lab to project partners. By the end of the semester we plan to have a variety of student multimedia projects produced in the visualization lab and learning facility, as well as a number of digitized teaching material produced in the Data Capture Lab.

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