Justice in Eastern Africa

OKAPI is working with the Human Rights Center (HRC)  to develop a dynamic website that highlights human rights research in Eastern Africa, particularly  countries where HRC has worked/ or is currently developing projects will collect data from population based studies: Uganda, Congo (DRC), and the Sudan. HRC studies give voice to local people displaced by armed conflict and mass atrocities, detailing their experiences, mapping their movements and access to resources, collecting demographic information and first-hand testimony to document human rights abuses. HRC research is currently used by many nongovernmental organizations, government leaders, international transitional justice teams, and advocacy and humanitarian aid groups. Development of a rich website focused on human rights in Africa will extend the impact of HRC research with key audiences including scientists, journalists, students, and the public.

Integrating geographic information systems and satellite imagery to serve human rights investigations is on the HRC horizon. Working with cutting- edge technologies and leaders from Google Earth, RightsMaps and others, HRC is embarking on a three- year project to advance human rights advocacy. The program will include a major conference at UCB in Spring 2009, tentatively titled “The Soul of the New Machine.”

Planning Team:
Camille Crittendon, Executive Director, Human Rights Center
Barbara Grob, Communications Director, Human Rights Center
Noah Wittman, OKAPI
Lizzy Ha, OKAPI

Fall ’08: Planning
Spring ’09: Production

Update: This project is on hold until we find funding.


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