Catalia Digitization Lab

Location: Room 20, 2224 Piedmont Ave.
Hours: M-F 9am -5 pm
Contact: Lizzy Ha, Media Manager

About Our Lab and Services
Supported in by the Gilbert Fund and a grant from US Department of Educations, the Catalia Digitization Lab was developed to meet a large and growing demand among campus scholars for digitization and digital asset management services. The lab contains two web servers and four workstations for slide and document digitization, capture of audio-visual materials, and digital asset management.

During the Fall 2007 pilot, we are working with faculty to help them create, use, and share their personal research and teaching collections. During this period, we will examine how to best address the short-term needs of faculty while also preparing content for archiving, sharing, and re-use by others.

Learn more about the Scholars Box project, sponsored by UC Berkeley’s Information Systems and Technology and the US Department of Education.

Note: These services are only available to select faculty during our Fall 2007 pilot. If you would like to participate, please contact Lizzy Ha, Media Manager of the Catalia Lab (

For more information, please download the Catalia Digitization Lab Brochure or watch the short video below:


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