Çatalia Digitization Lab

Supported by the Gilbert Fund and a grant from US Department of Education,  the Catalia Digitization Lab was developed to meet a large and growing demand among campus scholars for digitization and digital asset management services.  The lab contains two web servers and four workstations for slide and document digitization, capture of audio-visual materials, and digital asset management. During the 2007-08 pilot, we are working with faculty to help them create, use, and share their personal research and teaching collections.  During this period, we will examine how to best address the short-term needs of faculty while also preparing content for archiving, sharing, and re-use by others.

At Catalia, your Content will be

Preserved Digitally at Archival Quality
Following archival standards, we digitize or capture materials assuring that your digital masters are ready for preservation, research, or high-quality reproduction.

Safe and Secure
We will back up your resources using the Berkeley Media Vault or the Internet Archive.  Our local development servers use mirrored RAID storage, which offers redundancy in case of hardware failure.

Ready to Share
We will work with you to capture basic descriptive metadata, such as author, title, and description, in accordance with international standards (Dublin Core), which will allow your data to be catalogued and searched.  We also provide multiple licensing options, including Creative Commons licenses, which will allow you to specify how others may re-use your content.

Accessible in a Variety of Formats
We will make your digital media available in sizes and formats that suit your needs.  For example we will export large master files (e.g., 22 Megapixel TIFF file) as lower resolution files (e.g., 2 Megapixel JPEG images)

Catalia Brochure

Catalia DIY Metadata Guide

Video Tour of Catalia


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