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bnhm logoWe are collaborating with the Berkeley Natural History Museums to address their immediate archival needs and develop a long-term strategy for a variety of data archiving and repository issues.

Current focus:
1.8.07 — The Media Vault subcommittee was formed in the fall 2006 as one of four major charges for the BNHM-IT re-architecture project. For more information on the project, please visit

Charge: This group is charged with defining a platform and approach to digitization and archival repositories that meets the requirements of BNHM museums, from the field to the archive. Because a great deal of work is taking place on this front within BNHM museums, across campus and beyond, this relatively small group will track and assess what is being done now in order to identify both short and medium-term approaches to providing sustainable services in this core area. Specifically, we will look in depth at real world practices and technological solutions for

Preflight – non-digital media tracking and management
Rights – digital rights management, intellectual property, licensing, security
Digitization – standards, practices, production, management
Access – how to manage the access to the assets
Archive – how to make sure assets are safe
Accessibility – usable tools for getting to and using assets, interfaces, services
Reuse – how to procure/share assets, and track these new assets, as well as track them as they become new assets (audit trail).

Key questions for this working group gravitate toward institutional repository and archival data requirements, sustainability for long-term data curation, usability and personal collections.

You can follow discussions and activities for this group on the discussion blog.

Chair: Michael Ashley (OCIO)

Members: Collin Bode, Carla Cicero (MVZ), Ginger Ogle (BSCIT), Joyce Gross (BSCIT), Glen Jackson (IST-DS), Chris Meacham (Herbaria), Noah Wittman (OCIO)

Reviewers: Debbie Kelly (IST-DS), Lam Voong (IST-DS)


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