Presidio Education Program

presidioA main tenet of the Presidio Archaeology Lab is to “foster public and private partnerships and encourage stewardship through community participation and education.” As a result of a grant from the Shaw Fund and matching funds from Berkeley, the Lab now has the monetary support to house a program geared specifically to the study of archaeology. This program seeks to bring Bay Area students to the Presidio to study history, archaeology, and natural heritage through Native Ohlone, Mexican, Spanish, and U.S. military periods of California history. The upcoming program will be geared toward late elementary students with the goal of exploring the Presidio as a “living classroom.” With an emphasis on multigenerational learning, or a “K to gray” model, students will engage in activities that focus on the diversity of human history in the Presidio from a multicultural perspective.


  • Sannie Osborn, Presidio Archaeology Lab Director
  • Shanti Morell-Hart, Education Coordinator
  • Alex Gault, Shaw Fund Representative
  • Ruth Tringham, Strategic Education Partner
  • Michael Ashley, Strategic Education Partner
  • Doug Kern, Urban Watershed Project
  • Education Coordinator



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