Media Vault Program
Developing services for archiving and sharing scholarly digital media

blums_thumbsBlum Social Networking Platform
We are working the the Blum Center for Developing Economies to develop  a web-based platform for student learning, project collaboration, and social networking.

changan-thumbChang’an 26 BCE
A  multimedia exhibit and research archive  documenting ancient Chang’an, capital of the Western Han dynasty from 206 BCE  until 8 CE

Okapi Island in  Second Life
Our piece of virtual property for experimenting with new forms of teaching, learning and public outreach

Omeka Theme
We are designing a new theme for Omeka, an open source web platform for publishing exhibitions and museum collections

The OKAPI Public Understanding of Research (PUR) program helps campus scholars translate research data and knowledge into valuable public resources for teaching and learning

Okapi Studio
A space for playful tinkering and inquiry-based teaching and learning

Çatalia Digitization Lab
Provides digitization and digital asset management services for OKAPI and Media Vault programs

MACTiA is UC Berkeley’s Class of 1960 Multimedia Authoring Center for Teaching in Anthropology.

FIPSE: The Scholar’s Box
The Scholar’s Box is a three-year project to develop a national model to enable campus scholars, academic departments, and libraries and museums to create and share open and reusable digital collections to improve campus scholarship and K-12 education.

Presidio Education Program
This program preserves and shares the San Francisco Presidio’s rich multicultural history for research and public education.

tambo-thumbTracing Tambo Colorado
An exhibit containing photographs, illustrations, site plans, and field notes documenting the design and construction of an Inca administrative center located in present-day Peru

ars-thumb3Ars Synthetica
A Collaboration with the Human Practices Lab of the Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center

Townsend Humanities Lab
A virtual humanities lab to support interdisciplinary research, dialogue, and the development of new digital technologies in the arts and humanities

Digital Nineveh Archives
A multilingual multiinstitutional project to preserve the archaeological history of Nineveh

Justice in Eastern Africa
A planned collaboration with the Berkeley’s Human Rights Center

Open Archaeology Collection
An open, reusable collection of course materials and student projects for anthropology teachers and students

Microcosms is a UC system-wide project exploring the use of digital collections.

Remixing El Presidio
A digital interpretive trail created by the University of California, Berkeley class, Digital Documentation and Representation in Archaeology

Research Dashboard

Using widgets to integratie diverse web services and technologies

Anthropology Digital Resource Pool
The Anthropology Digital Resource Pool facilitates sharing of digital research and teaching materials among faculty, students, and the public.

cyarkCyArk Internship
The Cyark internship is a unique collaboration between UC Berkeley and the Kacyra Family Foundation.

microcosmosBerkeley Natural History Museums Media Vault
We are collaborating with the Berkeley Natural History Museums to address their immediate archival needs and develop a long-term strategy for a variety of data archiving and repository issues.

Remixing Çatalhoyuk
A multimedia exhibit and research archive featuring archaeological research materials of a 9,000-year-old  farming community


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