Michael Ashley

michael_blueMichael Ashley Ph.D. is digital conservation architect at Cultural Heritage Imaging. Dr. Ashley has more than 16 years of experience in cultural heritage informatics management and education. He received his Ph. D. at UC Berkeley, where he co-founded several initiatives, including the award winning Open Knowledge and the Public Interest (OKAPI), and the Media Vault Program, which seeks to develop digital preservation frameworks for research and scholarship. An archaeological photographer by training, he was the Media Team lead for the Çatalhöyük Research Project for more than 7 years and has worked on heritage preservation projects worldwide.

Media Vault Program: Developing partnerships, community and new services to improve the long-term preservation and broad dissemination of digital research.
Digital Nineveh Archives: A multilingual multiinstitutional project to preserve the archaeological history of Nineveh
The Scholar’s Box: The Scholar’s Box is a three-year project to enable campus scholars, academic departments, and libraries and museums to create and share open and reusable digital collections to improve campus scholarship and K-12 education
Okapi Island in Second Life: Our piece of virtual property for experimenting with new forms of teaching, learning and public outreach
OKAPI Public Understanding of Research (PUR):  Our Public Understanding of Research (PUR) program helps campus scholars translate research data and knowledge into valuable public resources for teaching and learning
OKAPI Studio: A physical space for tinkering with technology and inquiry-based teaching and learning


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