Elizabeth Ha

Elizabeth is OKAPI’s Media Production Manager. She works closely with faculty, students, and staff at the University of California, Berkeley, encouraging and helping them to use recent web 2.0 services and digital technologies to creatively share their knowledge with the world.  By working with the UC Berkeley community, she is also able to creatively express herself, often through editing video and illustrations. She has been involved with the Remixing Catalhoyuk Project, OKAPI Island in Second Life, and Open Archaeology projects. All were part of a US Department of Education project to develop new models for creating and using digital collections. These projects have received both national and international recognition, including the 2007 Open Archaeology Prize by the American Schools of Oriental Research and the 2008 Virtual Learning Prize by the New Media Consortium. She also oversees and manages OKAPI Studio and the Catalia Digitization Lab, where she has helped to develop standards and work-flows for various projects. When she has free time, Elizabeth likes to draw odd, but amusing, things in Adobe Illustrator, bake pies, and run slowly around city lakes.

Ars Synthetica

Justice in East Africa
FIPSE: Scholar’s Box
Digital Anthropology
Okapi Island in Second Life
Omeka Template
OKAPI Studio


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