Shelton Waggener, Chief Information Officer, UC Berkeley
David Greenbaum, Director of Data Services, UC Berkeley

Noah Wittman, OKAPI Program Manager
Michael Ashley, Digital Conservation Architect
Rick Jaffe, Project Manager/Lead
Ruth Tringham, Professor of Anthropology
Amy Kimball, OKAPI Finance Manager
Elizabeth Ha, Media Production Manager

Alexandria Archive Institute
Anthropology Library, UC Berkeley
Anthropology of the Contemporary Research Collaboratory
Archaeological Research Facility
Berkeley Archaeologists at Catalhoyuk
Berkeley Natural History Museums
Cal Corps Public Service Center
California Digital Library
Coalition for Public Understanding of Science
Democratic Education at Cal
Department of Architecture, UC Berkeley
Human Rights Center
Kacyra Family Foundation
Media Vault Program
Multimedia Authoring Center for Teaching Anthropology
Project Bamboo
Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center
Townsend Center for Humanities
UC Berkeley School of Information
Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program


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