Open Knowledge and the Public Interest (OKAPI) brings together faculty, students and staff at the University of California, Berkeley, to promote open knowledge and free culture on campus and around the world. OKAPI’s primary goal is to forge new tools for open learning and collaboration across borders and communities. About OKAPI

Open Knowledge and Free Culture

Remixing Catalhoyuk

Okapi Studio

Open Archaeology Collection

Okapi Island in Second Life
Research Dashboard
Research Dashboard


The Scholar’s Box

Presidio Education Program

Ars Synthetica

Omeka Theme

Dialogue Across Borders and Communities

Ars Synthetica

Berkeley Humanities Lab

Remixing El Presidio

Remixing Catalhoyuk

Justice in Eastern Africa

Digital Conservation

Media Vault Program

Anthropology Digital Resource Pool

Catalia Digitization Lab
CyArk Visualization Class

Digital Nineveh Archives

All Projects


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