New Student Blog on Dissemination of Research

As part of their coursework for Integrative Biology 304: Dissemination of Research, UC Berkeley students are developing multimedia content exploring strategies for communicating scientific research to public audiences. The class blog ( will be the primary vehicle for students to share their work.  The instructors and students welcome feedback via blog comments or the online feedback form.

At OKAPI,  we are excited to support this project and share the results. We are confident that this course will provide a rich and meaningful experience for students, as well as a valuable resource for others seeking to develop their own approaches to public outreach and dissemination of research.

Course Description:
Dissemination of Research: Your Interface with the Public
Integrative Biology (INTEGBI) 304 [2 units]
This course will consist of lectures and class discussions about mechanisms of communicating about science to the public. We will consider how to convey the issues, process, and findings of scientific research to a variety of audiences using different media (e.g., posters, web pages, newsletters, newspaper and magazine articles, books, television). Projects conducted by teams of students under the direct supervision of the instructors will include preparation of outreach materials (e.g., posters, newsletters, web pages).


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