Townsend Lab Public Release

We are pleased to announce the public launch of the Townsend Humanities Lab. The Townsend Humanities Lab provides humanities scholars with a rich set of tools for interdisciplinary research and collaboration. OKAPI Program Manager Noah Wittman worked for two semesters with the Townsend Center as an advisor and media architect, helping conceptualize, gather requirements, and develop and pilot prototypes. Congratulations to the Townsend Center for the Humanities and Chapter Three on this significant accomplishment!


Townsend Lab

About the Lab
The Townsend Humanities Lab offers a community-driven suite of digital tools to support interdisciplinary research and collaboration among Berkeley scholars and their affiliates.  Driven by a powerful content-management system, and hosted by new “cloud” computing services, the Lab provides project space and a suite of Web 2.0 resources to all Berkeley scholars with interests in the humanities and interpretive social sciences.

The Lab offers tools for project organization and communication (event listings, file sharing, news broadcasts, and RSS feeds), as well as newer collaborative tools for text annotation, image annotation, visualizations, mapping, and collaborative authoring.  Images, documents, audio and video files can be uploaded, shared, and placed in circulation among designated project groups within the Lab.  Furthermore, all content on the site can be tagged by keywords to facilitate project organization and to enhance the interaction across diverse interest groups.



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