OKAPI Spotlight- August 2009

Every month, OKAPI Spotlight features Open Knowledge news at UC Berkeley and around the world. To contribute, email Lizzy. To receive more frequent updates, join our email listserv .

On Campus
Opencast Matterhorn Project Awarded Funding from Mellon and Hewlett Foundations
The Opencast Matterhorn project recently received 1.3 million dollars from the Andrew W. Mellon and William and Flora Hewlett foundations. Scheduled to be launched next summer, this project will focus on developing software that “will support the scheduling, capture, encoding and delivery of educational content to video-and-audio sharing sites such as YouTube and iTunes, so that learners can access lectures when and where they need it” Software will also include various tools (bookmarking, annotations, etc.) that will help users become even more engaged with the content.  The Opencast Project is made up of 12 institutions from all over the world, including UC Berkeley.

The Google Books Settlement and the Future of Information Access
Friday, August 28, 2009, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Banatao Auditorium, Sutardja Dai Hall, UC Berkeley
The School of Information invites the campus community and public to attend a one-day conference that will be focusing on the recent “Google Books Settlement.” The conference intends to “address major issues arising from the proposed settlement,” such as: “the right of the public to have access to works embraced by such a settlement, the questions of privacy inevitably arising from creating and controlling access to such a collection, the potential for and restrictions on research into the content and use of such a collection, the quality of the content and the metadata surrounding it.”

Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC)
Supported by the National Science Foundation, BOINC is an “open source software for volunteer computing and grid computing. BOINC encourages individuals, scientists, universities, and companies to use their computer  “idle time to [help] cure diseases, study global warming, discover pulsars, and do many other types of scientific research.” By utilizing computers to participate in various research projects, problems that would other wise take many years to solve can now be solved in a shorter amount of time.  Although this project sounds susceptible to viruses and hackers, Dr. David Anderson, head of the project, assures users that the level of security is and the project is protected from potential hackers.

Around the World
New Open-Access Monograph Series Is Announced
It was recently announced that Open Humanities Publishing (OHP) will be “joining the University of Michigan Library’s Scholary Publishing Office (SPO) to create five new open-access monograph series with a focus on critical and cultural theory.” All content will be given a Creative Commons license, and will be accessible digitally and as a book. Readers are also encouraged to remix, tag, annotate, etc all content. Established in spring 2008, Open Humanities Press (OHP) is an open-access scholarly publishing collective made up of individuals from all over the world.

Net2 Redesign: Project Gallery Ideas
NetSquared is redesigning their community platform. They are asking for feedback from the public. “There’s already over 400 Projects in the online showcase with more posted all the time – this redesign hopes to make looking for new innovative ideas easier and more intuitive.” NetSquared, an initiative of TechSoup Global, was developed in 2005 and has continued to work to “mobiliz[e] individuals and communities, provid[e] Web-based tools, and award financial support to leverage social action projects”


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