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Over the past two years, OKAPI Island in Second Life has supported the research, teaching, and learning of dozens of scholars. OKAPI Island has also hosted numerous public programs and outreach activities. This post highlights key accomplishments and updates.

2007 Open Archaeology Prize
2008 NMC Virtual Learning Award

Public Programs
Burning Catalhoyuk Day. December 10, 2008
Presidio Teacher Night. October 1, 2008
iSummit Keynote Webcasts. July 30-31, 2008
Cal Day. April 8, 2008
Remixing Catalhoyuk Day. November 28, 2007

Second Life DeCal Courses
http://www.decal.org/784 (Fall 2008)
http://www.decal.org/930 (Spring 2009)

Anthropology 39B: Serious Games for Archaeology and Imagining the Past (Fall 2009)

Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (offered for the fourth consecutive semester)
Sharing a Sense of Place: Constructing a Neolithic Village in Second Life

Interview: “Second Life as an Archaeological Tool”
An Interview with Berkeley Archaeology Professor Ruth Tringham
National Center for Preservation Technology and Training. June 18, 2009.

Journal Article
Morgan, Colleen. “(Re)Building Çatalhöyük: Changing Virtual Reality in Archaeology” Archaeologies. July 2009.

More Info

“Basket Weaving at Catalhoyuk” by Colleen Morgan
more:  http://middlesavagery.wordpress.com/2009/04/15/basket-weaving-at-catalhoyuk/


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