Globally Engaged, Digitally Enabled

gppgrid_600x600_300ppiNoah Wittman and Rick Jaffe to lead Social Media and Networking session from 1:15 to 3:30 pm on Thursday, June 9, at the New Media Consoritum conference in Monterey, California.

Title: Globally Engaged, Digitally Enabled:  Harnessing Web-based technologies for Service Learning and Scholarly Networking

Session Description:  How can new web-based technologies be leveraged to support learning, collaboration and scholarly networking? The presenters team with students and practitioners in the Global Poverty and Practice minor at the University of California, Berkeley to provide an online environment that goes beyond traditional learning management systems. As the minor reinvents the classroom in a globally connected society, this project explores the possibilities of the emerging network form for engaged scholarship among educators and students.

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