Constructing New Research Archives

We are employing the OKAPI Theme Package for Omeka to develop two multimedia research archives over the Spring ’09 semester:

Tracing Tambo Colorado
We are helping UC Berkeley Architecture professor Jean-Pierre Protzen publish a decade of photographs, illustrations, site plans, and field notes documenting the design and construction of an Inca administrative center located in present-day Peru. The project will make use of the Omeka collection management system and our newly crafted OKAPI theme package. Lizzy, Huey and Gabriel will be organizing his research archive into four themed collections and implementing a Google maps mashup to assist with geospatial navigation.


Chang’an 26 BCE
We are working with UC Berkeley History professor Michael Nylan to develop a multimedia research archive focused on ancient Chang’an, capital of the Western Han dynasty from 206 BCE  until 8 CE. Roughly contemporary with ancient Rome and equivalent in size of territory and number of inhabitants, Chang’an typically receive little attention in Western schoolbooks and history classes. Professor Nylan aims to redress this imbalance by providing a wealth of information about one of the greatest cities in human history.


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