OKAPI Spotlight- January 2009

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On Campus
Joseph DeLappe- You’ll Never Walk Alone: Protest, Memory and Reenactment
As part of the UC Berkeley Art, Technology and Culture Colloquium, Joseph DeLappe, a Media Artist and Associate Professor of the Department of Art at the University of Nevada, will be speaking on campus. “[In] 2001…DeLappe began a series of protests, interventions, and reenactments – hacktivist performances within computer games and online communities.” His popular “dead in Iraq” project involved him logging into the popular Defense Department marketing game, and typing in over 4,000 names of all those reported killed in Iraq. “DeLappe will present his ideas regarding art and activism as realized in both virtual and real territories through the discussion of “dead-in-iraq” and other recent works that creatively engage our contemporary geopolitical and technological context through interventionist strategies, including projects such as iraqimemorial.org, The Salt Satyagraha Online: Gandhi’s March to Dandi in Second Life and Americasdiplomat.org which was developed as part of the faux end-of-the-war edition of the New York Times.”

“Global Private Higher Education: Tracking and Explaining Phenomenal Expansion”
Speaker: Daniel C. Levy, Distinguished Professor, Director, Program for Research on Private Higher Education, SUNY
Thursday, February 19, 2009: 4:00 – 5:30 pm
Part of the Center for Studies in Higher Education, Daniel C. Levy, Distinguished Professor, Director, Program for Research on Private Higher Education, SUNY, will be discussing how private higher education has grown globally in the past couple of years, especially in East Asia and Latin America. “The private higher education explosion fits broad global changes in political economy, prominently including marketization, a partial shift from the state’s central role, and a revamping of private-public interfaces.” How will this affect the idea of ‘open education’ when institutes from around the world follow a for-profit, privatized model?

Around the World

The Prado 2.0- Robert Mackey
Featured in the NYT’s The Lede blog, the Prado Musuem in Madrid, Spain has collaborated with Google Earth. Using the Google Earth software, users can virtually go to the Prado Musuem and view 14 well-known works in high-res. Users are able to zoom in on each of the works, allowing them to virtually see details “that would barely be visible to a museum visitor standing behind a velvet cordon.”

History of the Internet In 8 Minutes
Video by: picol
“At that time, knowledge was only transferred by people. The DARPA plan a large scale network in order to accelerate knowledge transfer and to avoid the doubling -up of already existing research…” Posted at Open Culture, this 8 minute video shows the history of the Internet and how it evolved to become the Internet we are familiar with today.
History of the Internet from PICOL on Vimeo.

iConference 2009- “iSociety: Research, Education, Engagment”
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
February 8, 2009- February 11, 2009 at 8:00am-5:00pm
Sponsored by the iSchools Caucus, iConference 2009, will focus on an “iSociety” and how iSchools can engage in research, education, and public engagement. “With invited speakers, paper sessions, a poster session, round table discussions, “wildcard” sessions, and ample opportunities for conversations and connections, the conference celebrates and engages our multidisciplinary efforts to understand the scholarly, educational and engagement dimensions of the iSchool movement.” The iSchool Caucus is made up of 21 schools, including the iSchool at UC Berkeley.


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