Ars Synthetica Demonstration

“On the Anthropology of the Contemporary”
Paul Rabinow, Professor of Anthropology, UC Berkeley
Wednesday December 10th
2:00 – 3:30pm, 221 Kroeber Hall
University of California, Berkeley 

This Wednesday, Paul Rabinow, Professor of Anthropology at UC Berkeley will demonstrate the Ars Synthetica Website as part of his Anthropology of the Contemporary lecture. 

Ars Synthetica is a web-based multimedia forum for engaging specialists and non-specialists in an informed, ethical, and democratic dialogue on the emerging field of synthetic biology as well as issues of new forms of design and construction more generally. Its goal is to provide multiple participatory channels for exploring questions about how cutting-edge research in the biosciences is organized, governed, funded, and expanded. Our goal is develop a pedagogical tool that provides a platform for teaching, research, and critical discussion. Leveraging existing open source platforms, which we will interface and modify, Ars Synthetica will facilitate engagement with such critical questions as: How will synthetic biology shape and be shaped by medicine, energy, and environmental needs? Whose business is ethics? What are the limits to what we can design?

Learn More About Ars Synthetica:

Working Prototype:


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