OKAPI Releases Theme for Museum Collection Software

omeka_theme_collectionsOpen Knowledge and the Public Interest (OKAPI) is pleased to announce the release of the Okapi theme package for Omeka, a web-based platform for publishing museum exhibits and collections developed by the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University. The Okapi theme package enables Omeka users without expert web design skills to create polished multimedia exhibits and collections. The home page features a cinematic 980×500 pixel main image and up to four featured exhibits.  Exhibit pages include new layouts for articles, themed collections and embedded multimedia.  The bundled Multimedia Links plugin enables embedding of html code, flash video (flv), and many other formats supported by the included JWplayer. The theme displays accessible Flash-based typography and is W3C CSS and XHTML compliant. The Okapi theme package (Okapi theme, Multimedia Links plugin and exhibit layouts) were developed by independent developer Kristin “Chach” Sikes in collaboration with Open Knowledge and the Public Interest. The Okapi theme package is available for download from the Omeka Website and is released under a General Public License (GPL).

The OKAPI theme package includes the following:

omeka_theme_homeOkapi Theme (Default Settings)
Home Page: Displays cinematic (980×500 pixel) main image, and up to four thumbnail images of featured resources Header/Navigation: Title and subtitle displayed at top of page using accessible rich typography. Semitransparent navigation tabs appear over adjustable header images on all pages. Up to four exhibits are featured on navigation. An “Exhibits” tab appears if your site includes more than four exhibits. Style Sheet: Extra style sheet (custom_style.css) enables sitewide modification of fonts and colors
Informational Pages: Themed  templates for About, Overview and Credits pages
Themed Geolocation plugins for Google Maps integration Themed Contribution plugin for user contributions Themed Items, Collections, and Exhibit pages (see Exhibit Layouts) Drag-n-Drop Media Publishing:  This theme extends Omekaʼs drag-n-drop functionality, allowing you to drag media from the archive into your exhibits layouts. Footer:  Space for links (Overview, Abouts, Credits), licensing (e.g., Creative Commons Licensing) and sponsors.

omeka_theme_multimediaExhibit Layouts
The Okapi Exhibit theme integrates exhibit pages with OKAPI theme and Multimedia Links plugin. The theme eliminates the section menu and allows users to publish on the Exhibit page thumbnails images and links to each section. The Okapi Exhibit theme includes four layouts:
Super Page: Allows users to theme exhibit home page and create thumbnail images for each section of exhibit.
Featured Article: Publish images and multimedia alongside feature article
Themed Collection: Publish video and a selection of up to 20 assets alongside article
Embedded HTML media:  Publish flash, widgets or other html embed code
Archive Multimedia:  Publish multimedia assets from archive using JWplayer.

Multimedia Links Plugin
Creates new Item fields for embedding html code, Flash video (flv), and many other media formats supported by the bundled JWplayer.

Media Player Integration
The open source JWplayer comes bundled with the OKAPI theme. The JWplayer supports playback of any format the Adobe Flash Player can handle (FLV, MP4, MP3, AAC, JPG, PNG and GIF). It also supports RTMP, HTTP and live streaming, various playlists and captioning formats, a wide range of settings and an extensive javascript
API. The skinning functionality allows you to completely customize its looks. Learn more here:  http://code.jeroenwijering.com/trac/

Rich Typography Support
The Okapi theme enables rich typography through accessible implementation of SIFR 3 (using Flash, JavaScript and CSS).  Learn more here:  http://wiki.novemberborn.net/sifr3

Considerations for Web Developers
CSS: The markup and CSS for this theme are loosely based on Tripoli, a CSS method that allows you to adjust your site layout relatively quickly, in multiple browsers. This is similar to Google Blueprint and Yahoo Grids, but a little lighter weight. The Tripoli method does work with liquid layouts, though this site is currently fixed-width.

SIFR3: Typography can be changed by modifying flash files and a little bit of code, documentation included.

ShadedBorders: This Javascript corner-rounding script is enabled by default, and can be used on other page elements to create a different look for your site.

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