Okapi Island Spring 2008. Thoughts to start off with

What is our ultimate purpose?
Education (K-Grey)?
Sensual experience
Platform for showing remixes
Platform for communication?
Immersion in an archaeological site?
Immersion in the archaeological process?

To Plan
Events, talks, movie shows, audio shows – not just the big event.
Building and other Competitions
Regular tours (eg every Friday when we are “in residence”
This includes events in Second Life that are around real-world happenings and performances (eg Catal team symposium at Sociaety For American Archaeology in March)
It also includes real worl events where we can bring Second Life to the Real World (eg Cal Day)
We need to do more serious advertising of these events

Update signs, esp about join us on Okapi Day
Results of Okapi Day

Museum etc.
Have Okapi island harvest media from database rather than upload them

Embedding/Mash-up of Remixing Catalhoyuk data in Okapi Island

Prehistoric Houses:
Clues to what is down below
Build some furniture in one

Tidy up ie get rid of extraneous and irrelevant exercises
Commentary on the good one (revolving picture cube)

Graffiti Board
Change pictures?

BACH tent
Put active stuff on the floor that links to the pictures on the wall

New areas (invite Catal people from list)
Create 4040 area with new pics
Polish area
West Mound (SUNY Buffalo and Cambridge

Incorporate Steve Mills Catalhoyuk sounds

Add walks from BACH tent to South/Mellaart area

Some things for people to buy or win:
Avatar gestures such as
archaeological gestures (trowelling)
Turkish dancing
Keepsakes: images of artifacts, movies of digging
T-shirts for avatars


One Response to Okapi Island Spring 2008. Thoughts to start off with

  1. antably says:

    Historically, museums used to exhibit ‘unique’ artifacts. These artifacts are prearranged to construct a narrative. They are ‘original’ artwork and hence enjoy a certain ‘aura’ (to use Walter Benjamin’s words). It seems like new media is reinventing – or maybe abolishing – the museum.
    I am puzzled by the role of the museum in OKAPI Island. A museum curator’s dream is to exhibit his artifacts in their original contexts; in the way they were originally meant to be perceived. Ironically, the museum is located on the same island where a complete reconstruction of Catalhuyuk is offered. Why would anyone exhibit Catalhuyuk artifacts in a museum?
    From an architectural point of view, the museum’s design offers only two halls and one entrance located at the first hall. The second hall can only be accessed through the first hall and hence a strict order is enforced. This is a typical modernist, single narrative, design. Clearly, it contradicts wth the democratic premises of cyberspace held so dearly by new media positivists. It is also a very conventional design considering the visitors unconventional abilities in Secondlife.
    The artifacts are flat video screens hung on walls. That is the part that I find most intriguing. Secondlife is one of many three-dimensional massive multi-user virtual environments that promise to liberate the Internet from its page metaphor. Yet, in the museum, there is a retreat – at least from a positivist’s point of view – to ‘older’ forms of media.
    I can only think of three solutions to this museum. The first is to completely abolish it under the alleged reason that Catalhuyuk virtual reconstruction renders the role of the museum obsolete. The second solution is to offer a design that parodies conventional museums. Post modern architecture offers many precedents to this solution where Charles Moore’s Piazza d’Italia in New Orleans is the most present in my mind now. I am thinking of creating a fake but pretentious aura for a meaningless artifact. The third venue is to move the museum to a website; maybe the Mixing Catalhuyuk website.

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