Okapi Island in Second Life – opportunities for students (and others) Spring 2008

Remixing Catalhoyuk Day on Okapi Island, 28 November, 2007

After our wildly successful Remixing Catalhoyuk Day at Okapi Island on November 28, 2007, we (Ruth Tringham and Noah Wittman) are looking for a renewed, enthusiastic team to join us in further developments and preparation for another big open day event during the Spring semester 2008. Our island is now beginning to gain public visibility.

Many of our team have participated through the sponsorship of the Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program. If you will continue with us, please let me (Ruth Tringham tringham@berkeley.edu) know as soon as possible. If you are interested in applying to the project through URAP (where you can receive credit), go to the URAP portal at http://research.berkeley.edu/urap/.

You don’t have to be an undergraduate apprentice to collaborate with us. We have graduate students, staff members and other undergraduates working with us, and joyously welcome anyone with interest and/or skills to help us. These are the qualities we are looking for

  • Knowledge of and/or strong desire to learn about archaeology
  • Strong oral and written communications skills, including event organization
  • Any special skills and/or interest in the senses of place: visual, soundscapes, haptic…
  • Facility with digital media and multimedia production tools (Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut, etc.)
  • Experience with 3d modeling desirable for apprentices seeking to do modeling work
  • Knowledge of Linden Script Language or experience in scripting/coding desirable for apprentices seeking to do in-world scripting
  • Ability to work in a team

If you are interested in participating, please write to Noah Wittman (wittman@berkeley.edu) and Ruth Tringham (tringham@berkeley.edu). We also welcome skilled collaborators who are not on – or even near – Berkeley campus.

How do we share and communicate a sense of place to another person or a larger audience, who may be academics, professionals, different grades of K-16 learning, lifelong learners, or journalists–all of whom will re-contextualize our archaeological interpretations in one way or another? How do we express the senses of a place that in the past was alive with people, events and meaning, and now seems dead and empty (but perhaps it is not)? How do we convey to our different audiences the changing meaning and meaningfulness that a place may have for diverse actors through its life-history to its current life perhaps as a heritage site? This project comprises the development of one of the very very few archaeological sites in the on-line “world” of Second Life. We started this project in Spring 2006 because we believe that there is great potential of this platform for interactive educational and research projects about archaeological places. We are beginning to have many visitors and a public presence, and there is much room for student input and creativity.

Apprentices and other participants will work with Ruth Tringham, Noah Wittman. and other project team members to design and develop 3D model of Çatalhöyük, a 9000 year-old Neolithic village located in modern-day Turkey that has already been brought into Second Life on Okapi Island. Çatalhöyük is the focus of extensive archaeological investigation by Ruth Tringham and other scholars. This Second Life project grew out of a Web-based project to disseminate the media database of Çatalhöyük called Remixing Çatalhöyük. Depending on interests and skill sets, participants will be responsible for building 3D models, scripting interactive features, implementing virtual tours, designing museum exhibits or planning events (a Neolithic faire?) and other educational activities. We welcome your participation in this exciting, innovative project!

Remixing Çatalhöyük (the parent project)

Okapi Island, location of Çatalhöyük in Second Life (a work in progress _needs your help!)
More Okapi Island info: at this website: https://okapi.wordpress.com/category/second-life/
and in this movie: http://okapi.dreamhosters.com/video/sl_short.mov

More on Çatalhöyük


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