Experience from Catalhoyuk 2007: CatDV to Portfolio

In July 2007, during our season of Remediated Places project at Çatalhöyük, Steve Mills and I decided for a number of reasons to create an Extensis Portfolio catalog for the assets of the project. I had already created a catalog for the video assets using SquareBox CatDV, which is a great tool for indexing and creating videoclips and taking them straight into Final Cut Pro editing. But there are disadvantages. Steve couldn’t see or contribute to the clips because he did not own a Windows version of CatDV and moreover, we didn’t have the funds to purchase the client/server version which would be essential for our transatlantic post-season collaboration. Finally there are some disadvantages of CatDV that I mention below in regard to user fields that I find annoying, compared to the versatility of Extensis Portfiolio.

Meanwhile, Michael Ashley and the Media Vault Project are going great guns developing the use of the cross-platform client/server basis of Extensis Portfolio at UC Berkeley. Steve’s audio files had been kept in an MS Excel spreadsheet format and he was eager to have the information in a database along with the audio files themselves.

So we decided to create a catalog linked to both audio and video files of our merged assets. An alternative would have been Filemaker Pro which also enables this kind of linking. However, we chose Portfolio because of our hoped-for collaboration with the Media Vault Project since our project is embedded in the Çatalhöyük project which has been chosen as one of the MVP’s pilot projects.
We have posted the path by which we travelled technically from CatDV to Portfolio in a posting on the Remediated Places blog


2 Responses to Experience from Catalhoyuk 2007: CatDV to Portfolio

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