Okapi team members to lead HDD workshop at US ICOMOS meetings

US ICOMOS Mobile Workshop: High Definition Documentation for Heritage Management and Tourism – Fort Scott, Presidio April 20th 2007


Michael Ashley, PhD, Archaeology, Manager of New Program Development for the Office of the CIO, UC Berkeley
Elizabeth Lee, Program Manager for the Center of Digital Scholarship at UC Berkeley
Marlin Lum, Imaging Director, Cultural Heritage Imaging
Oliver Monson, Field Operations Manager, CyArk High Definition Heritage Network
Mark Mudge, President, Cultural Heritage Imaging
Carla Schroer, Executive Director, Cultural Heritage Imaging
Sponsored by the Presidio Trust, the University of California at Berkeley, CyArk High Definition Heritage Network, and Cultural Heritage Imaging.

This one-day workshop will provide participants with hands-on training in high-definition documentation (HDD) for cultural heritage, with the intention of producing digital content that is also useful for public interpretation and tourism. Multiple technologies and methods will be shown and discussed, demonstrated and instructed, including panoramic photography, high-dynamic range photography (HDR), 3D laser scanning (HDS), and video and website management.

Who should attend and why

Participants interested in heritage management, documentation, cultural tourism, architecture and training will all benefit from this workshop. Participants will learn real-world techniques for creating rich media content that will appeal to the public and generate interest for their heritage sites. Many of the methods and principles introduced in this workshop are replicable with low-technological solutions and for a variety of budgets. No previous experience is necessary.

Workshop Plan

This workshop will take a holistic approach to comprehensive workflows that integrate best practices of standards in digital preservation with the diverse standards of practice for documenting cultural heritage sites. The aims of the workshop are to demystify some of the methods used in HDD and help the participants of the workshop identify useful techniques for heritage documentation. The participants will receive training in the use of these technologies as well as a better understanding about the kinds of final products these techniques can produce.

Perhaps most importantly, the workshop products will be used in a new UC Berkeley/Presidio course to be taught in Summer Session 2007 on site stewardship and management, as well as in the ongoing CyArk internship program. The intention is to help create content, recommendations and documentation that will benefit the Presidio Trust with their mission to protect and develop this important heritage site.

The workshop will begin in the Presidio Officer’s Club with a presentation about the history of HDD and its relevance to heritage management, HABS standards and cultural tourism. After this introduction to HDD, the workshop will travel through the Presidio to Fort Scott and engage in hands-on documentation of the historic fort. Participants will learn how to record, process and manage HDD data to produce useful tools for both site management and heritage tourism.

Workshop Schedule:

9:00 Welcome and Introduction to Fort Scott
9:30 HDD Overview
10:00 HDD for Conservation
10:15 Workshop Goals, Objectives and Deliverables
10:30 Bus departs for Fort Scott
11:00 Tour of Fort Scott
12:30 Lunch
1:00 Break out sessions
1:50 Bus departs for Officer’s Club
2:00 Discussion on HDD data management and opportunities
2:45 Workshop wrap-up

To see photos of workshop preparations please go to:


To look at HDD content being produced for the workshop go to:



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