Archaeoblender and ccHost

ccmixterWe recently selected ccHost software to support multimedia publishing and remixing as part of the Scholar’s Box project. Developed by a team at the Creative Commons, ccHost is open-source software for facilitating sharing and remixing of multimedia content in much the same way that blogs and rss feeds do for text. The Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that promotes flexible copyright licensing for authors and artists.

ccHost is the engine behind ccMixter, an online community for sharing and remixing music. To get a sense of how this online community functions, we suggest visiting the recent remix contest with Mali recording artist Vieux Farka Touré. Contestants remixed numerous vocal and instrumental tracks provided by Farka Touré with spectacular results.

archaeoOur vision is to employ ccHost for remixing the social sciences. Archaeoblender (our working title) will allow faculty, students, K-12 educators and the public to upload and share their own multimedia content or remixes, including works derrived from the more than 50,000 photos and videos from archaeological excavations that we will be publishing later this year. We believe that Archaeoblender will be a useful and empowering platform for sharing student multimedia projects, lesson plans, presentations and other multimedia resources that currently have no home.

Right now, we are working with ccHost lead developer Victor Stone to define requirements and plan for next stage of project development. Archaeoblender will launch on June 30, 2007.


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  1. […] and share their remixes using Archaeoblender. Archaeoblender was developed by the OKAPI team using ccHost, an open-source application developed by the Creative Commons for sharing and remixing multimedia […]

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