Now Accepting Contributions to Curiosity Box

curio_boxWe are now actively soliciting contributions to The Curiosity Box, an online exhibition featuring the prized research and teaching resources of UC Berkeley scholars. The Curiosity Box is an OKAPI research project exploring issues around open licensing and resource sharing. We hope to engage and learn from campus scholars in sharing their work with the public. By focusing on a single contribution, we aim to sidestep what scholars cannot or do not want to share.

During this initial phase (March through May 2007), we ask participating UC Berkeley scholars to share a prized research or teaching resource under public domain or Creative Commons non-commercial attribution licensing, which specifies that others may re-use the resource for non-commercial purposes if they credit the author/creator.

We welcome and encourage the submission of a broad range of content and multimedia formats. We are not targeting journal articles, although they are welcome if eligible. We would be especially delighted to publish resources and information that exist nowhere else except in the minds and personal hard drives of campus scholars. We will provide comprehensive data capture and digitization services for each participant.

Following are examples of content we would welcome:

  • An electron micrograph image of a new microbial species
  • A mathematical proof
  • The audio and score of an original piece of music
  • A favorite lesson plan on plate tectonics
  • Code for an advanced sorting algorithm
  • Infrared aerial photography
  • Architectural plans
  • A mnemonic for basic economic principles
  • A time-lapse sequence of traffic patterns
  • A photo and transcription of a cuneiform tablet
  • A “wacky” article that no one else would publish

What would you like to share? If you are UC Berkeley faculty or a postdoctoral campus scholar and would like to participate, please contact Noah Wittman at wittman [at] berkeley [dot] edu.


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