Announcing Purchase of Okapi Island

island_graphic“For everything will be Second Life, to a shade. Books are artifacts – loved, endearing, effective in their form. They will endure. But they and other media will be consumed in a wide range of environments, more or less virtual, more or less complex, more or less multimedia. It is all of a degree.It is not, therefore, whether the reading experience will be textual or richly media immersive. All the world will be a skein of media, linked and interacting, flowing and increasingly seamless. There will be text, but text embedded within other environments, available to and linking to a rich cornucopia of information, amusement, and education.”– Peter Brantley, Executive Director, Digital Library Federation 

Note to UC Berkeley colleagues: Peter will be providing a brown bag on Thursday, March 15, 2007, in Room 200C, 2195 Hearst.

I’m pleased to announce the purchase of Okapi Island in Second Life (coordinates forthcoming). We will use our 65,000 square feet of virtual property to

  • Advance OKAPI’s overall mission to pioneer new tools and practices for learning and sharing information,
  • Capitalize on several months of exploratory work last semester,
  • Apply the research of UC Berkeley Anthropology professor Ruth Tringham in remediating places,
  • Contribute an innovative remix of archeological data as part of the Remixing Çatalhöyük project, and
  • Provide a venue for future research, learning and public outreach.

Over the next several months, Marc Moglen and Daniel Wei, two undergraduate research apprentices will use Okapi island to develop a 3d model and virtual tour of Çatalhöyük, the site of a an archaeological excavation of a 9000 year-old human settlement located in modern-day Turkey. Working closely with the Remixing Catalhoyuk team, they will explore new ways of representing and interacting with archaeological data. Marc and Daniel will share progress on this project via regular blog updates.


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  1. […] Following are updates from two UC Berkeley undergraduate research apprentices who are recreating an archaeological excavation site in Second Life as part of the Remixing Catalhoyuk project. Curious? Come visit Okapi Island in […]

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