Interns learn photo-processing skills


This past Friday the CyArk Visualization Interns learned the basics behind the photography side of CyArk’s HDD processing methodology. Working with a set of practice images taken from the El Presidio Documentation Project, the interns learned how to create panoramic images, process High Dynamic Range photos, create spherical QTVR’s and colorize the point cloud using photo-texturing techniques. During the 3-hour training session instructors Oliver Monson and Elizabeth Lee guided the interns through programs such as PTGui, RealViz Sticher, Adobe Photoshop and Cylcone to process single images into spherical images and then into cubical images to be mapped onto the point cloud.

The new interns will work this week to process photos of the Presidio in their homework data set. Second semester interns will be holding office hours to assist the new interns as they practice with these new programs.

Coming up this Friday, Interns will learn how to create web-ready content and how to use the CyArk Database Annotation Tool to manage their data.


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