UC Berkeley Digital Anthropology Resource Pool

resource_poolToday the OKAPI team published a working prototype of the UC Berkeley Anthropology Digital Resource Pool. Culled from the personal research and teaching collections of individual faculty members, the Resource Pool is a open database of unique archaeological media. The Resource Pool currently contains 14,725 items, including articles, photos, videos and other multimedia assets from excavations of cultural heritage sites, anthropology curricula, and student projects. We will be adding to the collections and refining functionality with input from Anthropology teachers and students this semester. The Resource Pool will be widely accessible to students, faculty and the public next semester. If you would like more information or a demonstration, please contact Lizzy Ha at lizzy_ha[at]berkeley[dot]edu.

Current Collections:

Anthro 2: Intro to Archaeology
Client: Margaret Conkey
857 Items

Anthro 129: Prehistoric Art
Client: Margaret Conkey
1,382 Items

Anthro 230: Senses of Place
Client: Ruth Tringham, Rosemary Joyce
136 Items

Client: Ruth Tringham
11911 Items

American Southwest
Client: Kent Lightfoot
410 Items

Student Multimedia Remixes
Client: Ruth Tringham
29 Items


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