Cataloging Video from Çatalhöyük

In the Data Capture Lab, we (Ruth Tringham, Lizzie Ha, and Noah Wittman) have begun to develop the protocols for cataloging and tagging the large corpus of videotapes from the archaeological excavations at Çatalhöyük, Turkey 1998-present. Currently we are focusing on the videos by the Berkeley Archaeologists @ Çatalhöyük (BACH) team (1998-2003). These videos have already been captured using Live Capture and CatDV by Ruth Tringham and Jason Quinlan in 2004-2005. CatDV is a fantastic program that creates a catalog of the videotape as you capture it, creating clips with low-resolution previews which you can use for subsequent tagging specific to the user. In our case we are tagging the clips for archaeological and other contextual information (see below).

You can then use the CatDV catalogs to help select and re-capture high resolution clips for subsequent video-editing in Final Cut Pro, Avid etc. Our ultimate goal is to use CatDV as a platform to display and guide the public through the video record of the Çatalhöyük excavation, as part of the Remixing Çatalhöyük Project of OKAPI. To this end we are seeking approximately 40 clips that would be appropriate to the themes of Remixing Çatalhöyük. We are currently exploring the options for doing this, one of which is to use the Server version of CatDV .

As a first step, along with selecting the 40 clips for Remixing Çatalhöyük, Lizzy Ha is tagging the clips from 1999-2003 according to whether they are archaeological or non-archaeological, and if so whether it is excavation, labwork etc. She will also tag them in terms of the context of the videotape: daily video diary, weekly video diary, specialist tour, weekly team tour, small discussion etc.

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