Digital Anthropology Status

Significant progress has been made with the Digital Anthropology Resource Pool. Professor Conkey and Professor Lightfoot’s Anthropology 2 teaching collections are both being stored and served. Although not public yet, both Conkey and Lightfoot’s collection were able to successfully publish on-line. Eventually, one will be able to search through the whole Anthro 2 collection, or have the option to search through only one collection.

Since Professor Conkey is teaching Anthro 2 this semester, we are working to have her collection up as quickly as possible, in order for it to be used by her, her GSIs and students this semester.

The Remixing Catalhoyuk Project has also made progress. We have the photo archives of the site from the past couple of years, as well as old student re-mix projects. We are currently working to centralize all the material onto the server.


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