CyArk Job Opportunity


CyArk, a sponsored project of the Kacyra Family Foundation, is seeking two motivated graduate students to help provide contextual information on project media assets- images, panoramas, drawings, 3D models, scan data, videos- for the CyArk 3D Heritage Archive (  This is a short-term assignement with opportunities for future work.  Full training is asset management, tagging, and contextual referencing will be provided.  The students will work from the CyArk Visualization lab on the Berkeley campus, as well as the CyArk offices in Orinda (a short distance from Orinda BART station).  $20/hour, up to 40 hours/week (160 hour project).

Site projects include:

Angkor CAMBODIA, Ancient Thebes EGYPT, Chavin de Huantar PERU, Deadwood USA, Mesa Verde USA, Pompeii ITALY, Salvador da Bahia BRAZIL, Tambo Colorado PERU, Tikal GUATEMALA, El Presidio de San Francisco USA

Please contact Elizabeth Lee ( or Michael Ashley ( for more details as soon as possible.


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