CyArk/ Anthropology Spring Internship Opportunity


Faculty Sponsor: Ruth Tringham

Instructors: Elizabeth Lee, Oliver Monson

Time: Fridays 10:00-1:00

Place: Room 14, 2224 Piedmont Ave (Anthropology)

Students will work with digital data sets from a variety of high-profile heritage sites collected using state of the art reality capture devices.  These data sets include high resolution digital images collected using high dynamic range and panoramic techniques, digital video, GPS survey data and high definition survey techniques using laser scanners to create highly accurate 3D models of these sites.  Students will be taught how to work with this data to produce a range of digital content and will be exposed to a wide variety of technologies and software packages.  Students participating in the internship will be expected to attend the weekly lectures and complete their remaining hours outside of class.

Participants of the Reality Capture and Dissemination Internship will potentially have the opportunity to participate in CyArk documentation projects conducted at World Heritage sites across the globe and further part-time and post-graduate employment opportunities are possible to participants of the program.

The Reality Capture and Dissemination Internship is sponsored by CyArk (a non-profit entity located in Orinda, California., the Department of Anthropology and the Office of the Chief Information Officer UC Berkeley.

If you are interested please contact Elizabeth Lee ( and be prepared to attend the first class on Friday, January 19th.


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