Data Capture Lab

The OKAPI team is pleased to announce the development of our new Data Capture Lab at 2224 Piedmont Avenue. While the lab is currently only available to project partners, we are working to develop a model that will eventually serve the broader campus community with state-of-the-art tools and services for digitizing, organizing and publishing digital resources. The lab is equipped with a variety of digitizing equipment such as slide/document scanners, and a video digitizing center. Equipment and lab furnishings were partially funded through a generous gift by the Gilbert Foundation.  We will expand our services to other departments Spring 2008.

This semester we are working with the Anthropology Department to pilot our services. We will be helping faculty digitize, organize, and publish digital collections of their teaching materials. The digitized content can then be incorporated into bSpace, personal websites, and PowerPoint, and accessed by their students through the Internet for both learning and eventually reuse.

The next six months will be focused on three projects: The Scholar’s Web and Remixing Catalhoyuk, and The Curiosity Box. The Scholar’s Web will focus on the digitization of Margaret Conkey’s Anthropology 2 teaching collection, and Remixing Catalhoyuk will focus on the digital re-mixing and publishing of Ruth Tringham’s Catalhoyuk digital collection. The Curiosity Box will entail faculty contribution of one ‘prized possession’ to this collection. Whatever the possession, it will be digitized and shared under the Creative Common License.

In order to help digitize, organize, and publish digital collections, the facility is currently offering training services to faculty, graduate students, URAP and workstudy assistants. There will be two phases of training. Currently, training services will be offered to teach interested parties how to digitize content using equipment in the facility. The second phase of training will be later, in which faculty, graduate students, URAP and workstudy assistants will be taught how to organize their digital collections.


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