Scholar’s Box: The Next Six Months

I’m pleased to announce our plans for the next six months of the Scholar’s Box project.

We will carry out three major activities in the next six months. The Scholar’s Web will pilot tools and services to help faculty integrate digital resources into their teaching. The Curiosity Box will solicit resources and feedback on services from a broad range of faculty across the UC Berkeley campus. Remixing Çatalhöyük will provide a model for engaging students in inquiry-based learning and educational outreach.

Making it easy to create, use and share online teaching collections
We will pilot technologies and services to help faculty integrate digital resources into their teaching. We will work closely with the UC Berkeley Anthropology department and IT services (CIO, IST, ETS) in testing a drag-n’drop web publishing system and comprehensive digitization and digital asset management services.

Gathering prized resources and feedback from diverse scholars
We will ask dozens of campus scholars from across campus to share with the public a prized research or teaching resource under open creative commons licensing. This exercise will introduce faculty to our services and provide us with valuable feedback. We will mount a web exhibition featuring all contributions.

Providing an innovative model for teaching with digital collections
We will work closely with Anthropology professor Ruth Tringham to construct a teaching collection from her vast archive of research materials documenting the remains of a 9000 year-old Neolithic human settlement located in modern-day Turkey. Remixing Çatalhöyük will feature themed collections and an archive of student “remixes.” This resource will serve as a national model for inquiry-based teaching and engaging students and campus scholars in outreach and education efforts.

For more information on each of the above projects, please visit the Scholar’s Box project page.


2 Responses to Scholar’s Box: The Next Six Months

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  2. […] next six months will be focused on three projects: The Scholar’s Web and Remixing Catalhoyuk, and The Curiosity […]

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