Exciting Opportunity for UC Berkeley Research Apprentice

bach_tentAre you a UC Berkeley undergraduate student who is interested in 3d modeling? If so, check out this exciting opportunity to work with Anthropology faculty as a research apprentice:

“Sharing a Sense of Place in the Past and the Present through Digital Media: Constructing a Neolithic Village in Second Life “
Description: How do we share and communicate a sense of place to another person or a larger audience, who may be academics, professionals, different grades of K-16 learning, lifelong learners, or journalists–all of whom will re-contextualize our archaeological interpretations in one way or another? How do we express the senses of a place that in the past was alive with people, events and meaning, and now seems dead and empty (but perhaps it is not)? How do we convey to our different audiences the changing meaning and meaningfulness that a place may have for diverse actors through its life-history to its current life perhaps as a heritage site? We are currently exploring the on-line “world” of Second Life because we believe that there is great potential of this platform for interactive educational and research projects about archaeological places.

Two apprentices will work with Professor Tringham and other project team members to design a 3d model of Çatalhöyük, a 9000 year-old Neolithic village located in modern-day Turkey that will be brought into Second Life. Çatalhöyük is the focus of extensive archaeological investigation by Professor Tringham and other scholars. Depending on skill sets, the apprentices will be responsible for building the 3D model (in Blender or SketchUp) and importing it into Second Life on the one hand, and scripting interactive features to provide virtual tours, explore excavation materials, and other educational activities. We welcome your participation in this exciting, innovative project!

About Çatalhöyük
http://www.Çatalhöyük.com/ <http://www.catalhoyuk.com/
http://ltc.smm.org/visualize/resources/games/catal (intro to Blender as used for building Catalhöyük models)

Apprentice 1 (available) 3D modeling skills and experience (or strong design skills, computer skills, and enthusiasm; familiarity with Blender, SketchUp, and Second Life a plus. Please include with your application samples of relevant work (2d or 3D artwork, sketches, computer models, etc.) and explain your interest in this project.
Apprentice 2 (filled) scripting and programming skills

The apprentices should be prepared to attend a one-hour meeting each week and commit to around six hours of modeling and/or scripting work each week, which can be done at home or the MACTiA computer lab.
If you are interested in applying for this position, please visit the UC Berkeley URAP Website to learn more about the application process:



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