Visualizing Archaeological Information in Filemaker Pro

lopiparo_filemakerARF/MACTiA WORKSHOP: Visualizing Archaeological Information in FileMaker Pro
WHO: Jeanne Lopiparo, PhD * Postdoctoral Fellow * ARF/Department of
Anthropology * UC Berkeley

WHEN: Monday * October 23, 2006 * 4:00-6:00 PM

WHERE: Multimedia Authoring Center for Teaching in Anthropology
(MACTiA) * 2224 Piedmont, Room 12

Off-the-shelf database programs have become accessible, user-friendly tools to create both powerful relational databases and innovative interfaces with web-like design and navigation tools. This ARF workshop focuses on data visualization from the perspective of information flow and organization, interface design, navigation, and integration of multimedia using the database and graphical tools provided by FileMaker Pro. The presentation of several database projects will demonstrate ways of integrating archaeological information by interweaving spatial and artifactual data and interpretations in multiple digital media. Basic knowledge of FileMaker will be very useful, but is not required (we will review database concepts and tools as needed). The workshop will include time for discussion and hands-on computer use. If you have your own laptop with FileMaker and/or your own database project that you are designing, please bring them. Access to additional computers with FileMaker will be provided at the Multimedia Authoring Center for Teaching in Anthropology (MACTiA), located at 2224 Piedmont, Room 12.

This workshop is completely full


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