MACTiA – Fall 2006 Update

The Class of 1960 and the Department of Anthropology recently purchased nine new iMac computers for the MACTiA.

Professor Ruth Tringham is currently teaching Anthropology 136C, Multimedia Authoring Part 1, an undergraduate course. Coinciding with weekly readings and discussions, the coursework also requires learning a variety of multimedia skills and Mac programs. Using the new iMacs, students will be responsible for producing a creative multimedia project at the end of the semester.

A document scanner has been temporarily set up in the MACTiA. The scanner has been used to scan weekly readings for Professor Ruth Tringham and Professor Rosemary Joyce’s Senses of Place graduate seminar. After scanning, articles are immediately converted into PDF and placed on the Internet. This serves as a digital archive for the current class and future use.

The former room known as Catalia is in the process of being converted to a scanning room. The document scanner and slide scanner will be placed in this room. The scanning room is intended for digitizing and archiving various materials such as documents, photos, slides, and videos. Computers will also be set up so that digital archiving will be made possible. The scanning room will not be limited to just the anthropology department. All departments will be granted access. Individuals who would like to have materials scanned will be trained to use the equipment and programs, creating a sustainable process, which moves from a centralized knowledge-based system towards decentralized do-it-yourself culture.


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