Highlights of “Towards Uncharted Ground” Seminar

Noah attended ”Towards Uncharted Ground,” a seminar sponsored by UC Berkeley’s Geographic Information Science Center (GISC) about the future of accessing and preserving geospatial data. The panel of speakers included representatives from government- and university-based projects that are working with geospatial data.
Here are some of my observations: Most of the projects had already or were moving towards data abstraction and service modularity to better support ongoing evolution in geographic data, technology/infrastructure and user needs. The SDSC makes a distinction between persistent archives (data preservation), data grids (data sharing), and digital libraries (data publication). Common headaches included metadata remediation (e.g., dealing with geographic data from 19th century); standardization and distilling complex objects (e.g., annotated print map with diverse data points) into discreet repository ingest items. Several speakers pointed to the tension between open access and commercial partnerships (Google, ESRI) involving use restrictions and proprietary commercial satellite imagery and other geospatial data.

Here are links to some of the GIS applications discussed:

North Carolina OneMap

California Spatial Information Library

Museum of Vertebrate Zoology Data Access

Towards Uncharted Ground: Accessing and Preserving Geospatial Data into the Future
Event sponsored by UC Berkeley’s Geographic Information Science Center (GISC)
Program Info (pdf): http://www.gisc.berkeley.edu/events/Towards_Uncharted_Ground_5__modified.pdf

• John Radke, UC Berkeley Geographic Information Science Center
• Richard Marciano, San Diego Supercomputer Center
• Dyung Le, National Archives and Records Administration
• Steve Morris, North Carolina State University
• Barry Napier, US Forest Service
• Ray McDowell, State of California Spatial Information Library
• John Wiezcorek, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology


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